About Us

The Catholic Diocese of Marsabit was established in November 1964 through the efforts of Bishop Charles Cavallera (Bishop of the Diocese of Marsabit 1964-81). The jurisdiction previously covered the two Counties of Northern Kenya namely: Marsabit and Samburu. In 1981 the Diocese got a new Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Ambrose Ravasi who was in charge of the Diocese until 2006. Rt. Rev. Peter Kihara Kariuki the current Bishop was installed as the third Bishop of the Diocese in January 2007.


The Catholic Diocese of Marsabit’s development agency – Caritas Marsabit is a committed Faith Based Organization that supports integral human development of the pastoralists’ communities in Marsabit County. The function of Caritas Marsabit aligns itself to the objectives of pastoral department of the diocese, whose main function is evangelization. The organization mission is to empower the people to know God and live in dignity and harmony. It envisions a people holistically empowered in line with the gospel values.


Caritas Marsabit aims to facilitate, network, and empower the target communities through need based multi-sectoral programs built on positive cultural and modern practices that utilize available local resources while leveraging modern technology.

Caritas Marsabit programs targets largely pastoralists and agro-pastoralists who rely on agriculture which is a highly climate sensitive sector. As such, the goal of promoting adaptation, mitigation and poverty reduction is core in our program designs. Caritas Marsabit adopts the Kenya National Adaptation Plan (2015-2030) recommendation of mainstreaming climate change adaptation in all sectors.

As such the organization undertakes short term, medium term and long-term measures to build communities’ resilience against climate change related shocks.


A people Holistically Empowered in line with the Gospel Values


To empower the people to know God and live in dignity and harmony


Honesty, Stewardship, Accountability, Love and Community Participation