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This page showcases a collection of research publications that illuminate the impactful work done by Caritas Marsabit and our dedicated partners. Our research efforts focus on a wide range of topics relevant to community development, environmental sustainability, and social justice, all aimed at fostering resilience and progress in the communities we serve.

Through rigorous investigation and collaborative inquiry, we strive to generate knowledge that not only informs our interventions but also contributes to the global dialogue on sustainable development. Whether you are a scholar, a policy maker, a community member, or simply a curious visitor, our repository offers valuable insights and evidence-based solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing our region.

We invite you to explore our publications to gain a deeper understanding of the issues we tackle and the methodologies we employ. Join us in spreading knowledge that can lead to meaningful change.

List of Publications

Supporting peace amidst drought, food insecurity, and conflict. Lessons from Marsabit County, Kenya