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Access to clean and Safe water
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Drought Emergency Response
Saving Livelihoods
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Sustainable Livelihoods
Training communities
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Disaster Response
Support to most affected communities
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Caritas Marsabit

The Catholic Diocese of Marsabit

2021-2025 Strategic Direction

Towards the end of the year 2020, Caritas Marsabit came to the end of a strategic period 2015-2020. This called for a new self assessment and with the concerted effort of board of directors, senior management, partners, local communities and the dedicated staff, the organization saw the drafting of a new strategic plan 2021-2025.

This was finally launched on the 30th of July 2021 in a colorful event braced by several representatives from different stakeholders regionally and across the world.

With this as a guide, the organization looks to contribute to transformative and sustainable development for communities in Marsabit County.

Stronger collarboration

Caritas Marsabit is a strong member of County Steering group which co-ordinate all the governmental and non government organization at county level. Being a member of the County steering group Caritas Marsabit presents its interventions to CSG which in turn deliberate interventions depending on what other organizations are doing in the targeted locations

Caritas Marsabit will continue to collarborate with the government both at the national and the county levels to sustainably contribute to transformative development for communities in Marsabit County