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Caritas Marsabit, the development and humanitarian arm of the Catholic Diocese of Marsabit, is dedicated to fostering integral human development in the County. Our mission is to empower the people of Marsabit to know God and live in dignity and harmony. We envision a people holistically empowered in line with the Gospel values of:

Love- Guided by the principles of love, we extend compassion to the less fortunate in our communities, aiding them in realizing their full potential.

Honesty -We commit to transparent and sincere interactions with all stakeholders, ensuring integrity in our endeavors.

Stewardship- we responsibly manage resources entrusted to us, maximizing their impact for the betterment of Marsabit's residents.

Accountability- We uphold accountability, holding ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct and ensuring that our actions reflect the needs and aspirations of those we serve.

Community Engagement - lies at the heart of our approach, as we collaborate closely with global and local partners, individuals, and most importantly the people we serve to co-create sustainable solutions that address the unique challenges faced by the people of Marsabit. Together, guided by our values, we strive to build a future where every member of the community is holistically empowered to thrive. 

"I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly- John 10:10