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Our History

Caritas Marsabit has a deeply rooted history dating back to the Diocese's establishment in November 1964 under the leadership of Bishop Charles Cavallera. From its inception, the diocese has been dedicated to serving the pastoralist communities of Marsabit County, covering an expansive area characterized as 100% Arid and Semi-Arid Land (ASAL). With a population of nearly half a million people, the county is home to diverse ethnic and sub-ethnic groups practicing Christianity, Islam, and African traditional religions.

The diocese's development agency-Caritas Marsabit, emerged as a committed Faith-Based Organization aligned with the mission of the diocese: empowering individuals to know God and live in dignity and harmony. Caritas Marsabit's initiatives are deeply rooted in the community's needs and guided by the values of Love, Honesty, Stewardship, Accountability, and Community Engagement.

The organization's strategic pillars reflect a holistic approach to development, addressing critical areas such as Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH), Health and Nutrition, Sustainable Livelihoods, Justice and Peace (JP), Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change, and Natural Resource Management (DCC-NRM), and Institutional Development and Capacity Strengthening.

Over the years, Caritas Marsabit has undertaken various programs and initiatives aimed at improving access to clean water, healthcare services, sustainable livelihood options, promoting justice and peace, and building resilience against climate change-related shocks. The organization's commitment to institutional development and capacity strengthening has been instrumental in enhancing operational efficiency, financial management, and accountability.

Through partnerships with individuals, organizations, and donors who share its vision, Caritas Marsabit continues to make a lasting impact on the communities of Marsabit County. Whether through donations, volunteerism, or partnership opportunities, individuals and organizations are invited to join Caritas Marsabit in building a better future for the people of Marsabit.

As Caritas Catholic Diocese of Marsabit continues its mission of building resilient communities, it remains a beacon of hope and compassion in Marsabit County, embodying the spirit of service and solidarity universally upheld by the Catholic Church.

To stay connected with Caritas Marsabit and learn more about our work, individuals can follow us on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or visit our various programs on this website. For inquiries or further information, individuals can reach out to Caritas Marsabit via email, phone, or postal address on the contact page.